Hello, my name is Maureen Sifuentes and I am a freelance Photographer, Videographer, Website builder, and Graphic Designer. I was a GUI and Front-End Engineer for some years in good o;’ Corporate America.  Since 1999, I started my own successful biz and never regreted it!

My business name, Naqiya, is pronounced: naKeeya.  Spelled: NAQIYA  (notice there is not a “u” after the Q).

I’m based in San Jose, Ca.  I’m never bored, and always have fun applying my knowledge and craft  for  the good of others’  events or company’s needs.

I’m keen on personal service and take my creativity and energy to a whole new level. 

This blog will have a fun, light-hearted “bits-n-pieces” of useful ideas and fun facts to dive into. I’ll add some Photo/Video trends, post Tutorials / How-to’s, etc.  “Fantastic Fridays” will feature…well something cool.

I may even throw in a fun Promo here and there….and some fun Photography sessions to enter for a chance to win.


Shoot me a comment of idea(s) you wish me to show and/or write about.

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