Mar 15

Fantastic Friday: “Plugged In”

Fantastic Friday:  “Plugged In” – Movie, Video, Music, TV, and Games Review site.

plugged-inHave you ever been embarrassed to watch what you thought was going to be a clean and wholesome movie only to find a sudden less-than-ideal surprise? Perhaps you are okay with movies that have some cursing, but  walk out on any movie using God’s name in vain? How about a sudden unexpected sexual scene while handing toddler Jonny the popcorn? I’ve been surprised attacked before on a movie while watching with my kids. You can only jump over their eyes with  your hands only so fast.  What to do? Well….

I learned about this site a while back from my friend Kelly. She taught children and did a lot of Children Ministries type of stuff. One rescource she gave me was this site: www.pluggedin.com .

Their website is clean and easy to navigate, which having a Graphic User Interface background, I love the site design. 

When choosing the “Movies” (same with “Video”) catagory, you will see options to view in depth review of what is “New in Theaters” as well as a list on the right side, “Also in Theaters”.  Once clicked,  you are given the general synopsis, “Positive Elements”, “Spiritual Content”, “Sexual Content”, “Violent Content”, “Crude and Profane Language”, “Drug and Alcohol Content”, “Other Negative Elements”, and a final “Conclusion” to wrap it all up.

Perusing in the “TV” catagory, you will see lists of shows to choose from. Once clicked, you will see a short write-up that tells of any sensitive content on language in the show. What I like is the easily nav table on the right side whereby you choose the show via 2 drop down menus: “Channel” and “Genre”.

Before I conclude, I must say I’ve enjoyed perusing the “Family Room” located on the very top of the pages.  They also have an “En Espanol” link for easy ready for those most comfortable viewing in the Spanish language. 

So the next time you are thinking of finding a movie to sit and chill with the kiddos on a Friday night, consider checking out Plugged In so you can see if that is a right “fit” for you and your kids viewing style. :-)


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